Respite Care Policies

At the sole discretion of Triangle Cross Ranch, Ranchers may stay at the Ranch for a limited time ranging from overnight to several weeks. These respite Ranchers are subject to the same admission, pre-assessment and financial requirements as full time Ranchers and shall be subject to the same adherence to policies and procedures.   The cost for respite care is $250 per day.  This amount for the entire stay is due and payable in advance of arrival of the respite Rancher at Triangle Cross Ranch.  The guardian/responsible party shall be notified of any additional charges as soon as they become apparent and these amounts shall be due and payable immediately.  
Respite Ranchers must make arrangements at least 30 days in advance indicating the number of days requested,

exact dates, and transportation arrangements. Triangle Cross Ranch has the sole right to approve these dates and

accept or decline the Rancher for such dates. 
Triangle Cross Ranch will provide basic furniture (bed, dresser, chair and towel bar) but the ​respite Rancher

is responsible for providing all personal use items, including sheets, towels, blankets and toiletries.  Spending
money shall be provided by the Rancher/responsible party and shall not exceed $10 for a one week period. 

in excess of $10/week shall be secured in the office and the unused portion returned to the Rancher upon leaving. 

Welcome, Respite Ranchers!  Following is some information that you will need to know prior to and during your visit with us.  

Application Process
The application process for part time residence is the same as for full time placement. The fees, pre-assessments and evaluation processes are the same.  This process helps us determine whether a placement, whether full- or part-time, is appropriate for the applicant.  It’s a lengthy process, but it will jump start a full-time placement at any facility, regardless of where that may be. To apply at Triangle Cross Ranch, you will need:

​Payment and Fees
The cost of respite care is $250 per day. This fee includes 

  • a private furnished room 

  • meals and snacks

  • food security for PWS individuals

  • 24-hour house staff

  • appropriate on-site programming and activities

  • transportation to and from activities 

  • documentation of Rancher progress

  • an individualized care plan

  • copies of any and all documentation 

**The costs of outings are additional and optional.  (movies, events, etc.)

Payment for the complete term of respite care, in the form of cash or check, must be received in advance of arrival at the Ranch.  Checks must clear our bank prior to the Rancher’s arrival.   As for all other applicants, there is a one-time $50 application fee, due at the time of application.  This fee pays for the administrative costs of processing of the application, evaluating the information, and the initial individualized care plan.  A $100 damage deposit will be collected upon the Rancher’s arrival.  


The damage deposit will be refunded at the end of the visit or held on account for later visits, unless there has been property damage done by the Rancher.  There are no additional fees associated with arranging for a respite stay.  The cost of repairing property damage caused by the Rancher above the damage deposit amount shall be paid by the primary care giver.


  • Respite visits must be reserved a minimum of 30 days in advance unless your Rancher is invited to fill an unexpected opening.

  • A respite reservation is held with a deposit amount equal to half the amount for the complete term being reserved, which is applied to the cost of the subsequent respite visit.  In the event of a cancellation, the deposit shall be refunded or may be applied to a future reservation. Reservations will not be taken without a deposit.

  • If Triangle Cross Ranch must cancel a visit, the full deposit and any payment in advance shall be refunded in full.

  • Under no circumstances shall Triangle Cross Ranch be financially responsible for the costs of transportation to and/or from the Ranch for respite care.

What Should I Bring?
Triangle Cross Ranch furnishes the Rancher’s room with furniture, blankets, pillows, towel bar and clothes hangers. Laundry supplies for longer stays shall be provided by the Ranch.

  • Sheets, pillow cases, towels and personal use items. 

  • Casual/work clothes, change of clothes for church or outings, good walking shoes, socks, underwear, seasonal clothing.  Please remember that our Ranchers spend a considerable amount of time outdoors.

  • Books, board games, card games, DVD’s, CD’s or other items the Rancher wishes to use during private or recreational time. Keep in mind that our Ranchers are busy all day long.

  • Personal hygiene items such as toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant and soap.  

  • Personal spending money of no more than $15 per week. 

  • Excitement and good attitude!!

What Should I Leave at Home?

  • Cell phones:  Cell reception at the Ranch is extremely poor. Bringing a cell phone will undoubtedly create stress when it proves to be unusable or consistently drops calls.  

  • Video games:  Due to the nature of many video games, Triangle Cross Ranch discourages bringing video games for a respite visit, as they can interfere with the full benefit of TCR programs and activities and may undermine our mission and philosophy.  The Ranch has approved video games on-site that staff oversees and which can be used as group or individual activities.  

  • Credit cards

  • Items of significant monetary or personal value:  Damage to or loss of expensive items can and does occur due to the functionality of our Rancher population and the outdoor nature of our activities program. Triangle Cross Ranch cannot guarantee the safety of such items and will not be responsible for them.  

  • Food items of any kind, unless part of the individualized care plan. 

  • Pets

  • Miscellaneous:  Candles, matches, extension cords, heating pads, electric blankets, cigarettes, alcoholic beverages.

  • Fear of the unknown:  There is no need to fear.  Our staff is carefully screened, well trained and compassionate.  Our facility is safe and well supervised. We will help the Respite Rancher in every way possible to enjoy their stay and to become part of our community.

How Often Can I Call Home?

In general, we suggest a Rancher call home no more than once per day.  However, calls to and from family and care givers will be handled on a case by case basis and limitations, if any, will be part of the individualized care plan.  Our house phones do not have long distance service, so a long distance calling card may be necessary to facilitate outgoing calls.  Calls to family are encouraged, but not required.  Staff will report to the primary care giver approximately once per week by telephone or more often as requested by the primary care giver.  Copies of all documentation of the Rancher’s visit will be given to the primary care giver at the end of each visit.

What if I don’t succeed?

In the event of difficulties that jeopardize the health, well being or safety of the Rancher or others, primary caregivers must return to the Ranch to pick up their Rancher immediately.  If a visit must be cut short due to stress, health reasons, behavior issues, or other unforeseen difficulties, the costs will be prorated and the balance refunded or applied to a future visit. An unsuccessful visit does not equal failure.  All parties are encouraged to learn from the visit and to make changes that will help ensure success the next time.  Let’s put our heads together and create a plan.  Perhaps a visit that includes the Respite Rancher’s friend or a family member may help the process. We will discuss the cost of such an option if it should arise. 

I Had a Great Time!  When Can I Come Back?"

Once the application has been processed, all fees received and the Rancher has been accepted, a care giver can reserve as many weekends as they desire.  Respite is offered on an availability basis.  If we don’t have an open room, we cannot offer respite care until one opens up.  Call for availability and be sure to reserve 30 days in advance.

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