Assisted Living Policies

​One hour from the Rocky Mountains in the heart of Colorado farm country there is a place were acceptance, security and self-esteem are a way of life. In the tiny town of Galeton, Colorado there is a community that is working to create a new definition of normal.  But, Triangle Cross Ranch isn't a place for just anybody. Indeed, TCR is an oasis reserved only for people bursting with abilities, capabilities and possibilities. Society calls them individuals with developmental disabilities. We just call them wonderful.

​Each Rancher is given a chance to live a full life at TCR. The active participants are an important part of the Ranch community, as well as their church community. The Ranchers participate in the programs made available at the ranch and in opportunities around Weld County. ​

Application Process

The application process for full time placement is the same as for part time residence. The fees, pre-assessments and evaluation processes are the same.  This process helps us determine whether a placement, whether full- or part-time, is appropriate for the applicant.  It’s a lengthy process, but it will jump start a full-time placement at any facility, regardless of where that may be. To apply at Triangle Cross Ranch, you will need:

Rancher Tuition is $3500 per month.  This fee includes 

  • a private bedroom

  • meals and snacks

  • food security for PWS individuals

  • 24-hour house staff

  • appropriate on-site programming and activities

  • transportation to and from activities 

  • documentation of Rancher progress

  • an individualized care plan

  • copies of any and all documentation

*The costs of outings are additional and optional.  (movies, events, etc.) 

**The the trial period cost is $1000.00 

Services Provided

Each Rancher will receive services according to individual need and as indicated in the Individualized Care Plan.  For a full listing see the Provider Agreement.

  • Development of an Individualized Care Plan with Rancher and Rancher's parents or guardian at least annually.

  • Provision of services to meet the Rancher's needs identified in the Care Plan.

  • Explanation of House Rules and guidance to help the Rancher to follow the rules.

  • Transportation to and from medical appointments and activities off the Ranch within 50 miles.

  • Administration and safe storage of all Rancher records and forms.

  • Room and Board.  NOTE: Privacy of Rancher’s bedroom is respected. Rancher bedrooms are inspected periodically to ensure compliance with State Health Department health and safety regulations.

  • A qualified and trained Life Coach who will provide guidance, counseling and care to the Rancher.  

  • Administration of medications by medication-certified staff.

  • First Aid for minor injuries as necessary.

  • Bimonthly or monthly Fire Drills or Disaster Plan and explanation and guidance for Ranchers to carry out.

  • Quarterly House Meetings to include review of Emergency and Disaster Plan, House Rules etc.

  • Provision of personal Rancher mail received.

  • A house telephone for Rancher's personal calls. Long distance calls require a calling card, there is no long distance service provided.

  • Personal care and hygiene.

  • Therapeutic diets specific to Prader-Willi Syndrome, prescribed by a physician, will be provided by the Ranch. A doctor's prescription for any diet is required prior to admission. Implementation of such diets may require additional fees. 

  • Church attendance, weekly Bible studies, table grace at each meal.

  • Community activities/games, hobbies and reading.

  • Access to Special Olympics activities.

  • Ranch exercise activities.

  • Day to day relational skills.

  • Life skills/Arts & Crafts

Services Not Provided

  • Triangle Cross Ranch is not a medical or nursing facility. Certified or licensed health care professionals are not on staff. Any situation that requires short term use of "in home care services" will be at the cost of the Rancher, including extra Staff for one on one care.

  • Triangle Cross Ranch does not provide a secured unit to prevent wandering or elopement.

  • Triangle Cross Ranch does not guarantee care by a specific or preferred Life Coach.

  • TCR does not guarantee placement within a specific or requested home unless part of the care plan and/or written agreement.

  • The Rancher's family or guardian shall provide all furnishings necessary for their own use, including bed, dresser, chair, mattress pad protector, pillow, protector, bed and bath linens and towels. 

  • Triangle Cross Ranch does not provide storage space for personal belongings that do not fit comfortably into the Rancher’s private bedroom.

  • Triangle Cross Ranch will not be responsible for moving, transporting or maintaining the Rancher’s personal belongings, nor shall TCR be responsible for any costs associated with moving, transporting or maintaining the Rancher’s personal belongings.

  • Triangle Cross Ranch does not provide or maintain inventories of Rancher’s personal possessions. Staff will help the Ranchers safeguard their belongings, but keeping and maintaining a personal inventory record is the sole responsibility of the Rancher and his/her responsible party.

  • Triangle Cross Ranch does not provide insurance coverage for the personal contents of the Rancher’s bedroom. It is suggested that Ranchers or their families carry a renter’s policy to cover loss.

  • Triangle Cross Ranch does not accept responsibility for personal funds over the $40 per month of personal spending money. Any and all money above and beyond the $40 allotted per Ranch for personal spending is the responsibility of the Rancher and/or responsible party.

Ranchers are expected to spend 10 to 20 hours per week minimum performing chores in their Ranch home and around the facility depending on their ability and off-Ranch workload. Each Rancher, to the best of their ability, should be an active participant in the daily operation of their house and the Ranch as detailed below. The intent of this requirement is to assist each Rancher in becoming part of a functioning family and to control overhead costs in order to keep Ranch fees at a reasonable level.

Household Chores

Many Ranchers have not had to participate in normal household jobs before coming to the Ranch. Therefore, Triangle Cross Ranch will provide training opportunities for the Ranchers. Ranchers are assigned chores in the home. Keeping their rooms neat and clean with beds made is a requirement. Each incoming Rancher will be assigned a chore or set of chores in the home and instructed as to how to complete them. Staff will supervise all work.

Possible Household Chores

  • Cleaning bathrooms

  • Loading the dishwasher

  • Sorting laundry for washing

  • Dusting furniture

  • Sweeping porches

  • Setting the table for meals

  • Properly washing dishes by hand

  • Taking out trash

  • Washing windows

  • Operating the washing machine

Ranch Chores

Ranchers will be called upon to help with general Ranch chores. Many Ranchers have not participated in Ranch jobs before living on the Ranch. Staff will supervise all work. Ranchers will not be thrust into a job without adequate training and supervision.

Possible Ranch Chores

  • Planting a garden

  • Harvesting the garden

  • Weeding the garden

  • Cleaning/freezing produce

  • Special grounds projects

  • Feeding animals

  • Exercising animals

  • Change animal's bedding

  • Grooming animals

  • Assisting with animal health maintenance

But Jesus called for the children, saying, "Let the little children come to me and do not try to stop them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these."

Luke 18:16

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