Over 35 years ago a group of parents decided they wanted to create a place that was healthy for their family members with developmental delays to live out their lives.  

A local farmer, who was one of the parents, donated 20 acres and the Ranch was incorporated in 1982.  

Two houses were purchased on Main Street of Galeton, Colo., and the first home made available to Ranchers opened in 1986. 

The name of the ranch, Triangle Cross Ranch, was created to represent the meaning of the organization. The triangle symbolizes three things the ranch strives to provide; acceptance, security and self-esteem for the cognitively challenged. The cross is the symbol for Christ.

Triangle Cross Ranch has grown and developed throughout the years. It has created events, activities and homes for many family members and is very proud of what it is today!

Triangle Cross Ranch (TCR) offers full time, year-round residency as well as respite care for adults diagnosed with a cognitive disability, including mild retardation, autism spectrum, Cerebral Palsy, Down's Syndrome, seizure disorder, traumatic brain injury (TBI) or Prader-Willi Syndrome.  All faiths are welcome. 

Our History

What Sets Us Apart

Triangle Cross Ranch (TCR) is a planned and protected community for adults with intellectual disabilities.  Our residents live in an environment that is fully their own, living next door to their closest friends and peers and learning to operate as a contributing member. It’s a safe haven, an artificial environment if you prefer, where an adult with cognitive challenges can function as the God-pleasing individual he or she was created to be.

Our staff and volunteers are dedicated to our mission by pursuing Christ and bringing the Ranchers alongside, as they seek His will together.

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