Triangle Cross Ranch Mission statement :

Our purpose is to create an environment where acceptance,
security and self-esteem become a reality for the cognitively challenged.

Triangle Cross Ranch strives to create a new definition of
normal, celebrating each individual as a God-pleasing creation.
  • Defining the New NORMAL

    Join Triangle Cross Ranch in looking at how we define the New NORMAL
  • N = Necessary to the Community

    Each individual plays an important role as a volunteer, a voice and a vital participant in our protected community as well as the community at large.
  • O = Oriented to Daily Living

    Learning to live in the role of an independent adult takes time and training. We’re willing to allow as much as necessary to ensure success.
  • R = Realistic in expectations

    Mistakes are God’s greatest learning tool. Rather than deny them, we embrace them for the lessons that are learned through them.
  • M = Moral in action

    With Christ as our moral compass, our Ranchers learn to take responsibility for their words, actions and decisions with plenty of forgiveness and second chances on a daily, hourly and minute-by-minute basis.
  • A = Ability beyond disability

    Our focus is on abilities and what each person CAN do. Ranchers and staff support each other in their weaknesses.
  • L = Loved beyond measure

    We believe that every life is valuable and precious, no matter the abilities or disabilities. Love is unconditional, praise is loud and the laughter is contagious!
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TCR Golf Tournament


 Golf club

Triangle Cross Ranch's

11th Annual Charity Golf Tournament

All proceeds from the tournament help to underwrite

the cost of residency for our Ranchers with developmental delays. 

Register Now!

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August 26, 2016

Ute Creek Golf Course

2000 Ute Creek Drive, Longmont, CO

December 2015 Newsletter

Hello, everyone!  Here is the most recent newsletter.

Dec Newsletter Physical




  • Assisted Living
  • Respite Care
  • Independent Living
  • Activities

Triangle Cross Ranch is an assisted living facility, licensed by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. The Ranch provides the supports necessary for adults with intellectual disabilities to live as independently as possible while maintaining a high degree of safety.

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Triangle Cross Ranch provides respite care for qualified individuals on a short term basis, whether for a few hours or several weeks. Watch this space for more information about the adult day care program, coming in 2014.

For those who qualify, the independent living option at Triangle Cross Ranch is different than at any other facility for adults with intellectual disabilities. This option offers the safety of a protected community and on site staff with the freedom of living without in-house staff supervision. Independent Ranchers can take advantage of three meals a day at assisted living homes,

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  • Staff
  • Houses
  • Ranchers
  • Ranch Families

Triangle Cross Ranch is staffed by people who are patient and caring, strong in their individual relationships with God, and balanced in their approach to life, both on and off of the Ranch.

Staff template.pdf

Triangle Cross Ranch has 5 functioning homes that house a maximum of 5 Ranchers per house. Each house is a self contained home with its own staff team, budget, schedule, menus, chore lists, and environment. Each home participates in the overall schedule and structure of the facility, but is subject to the needs and desires of the individual Ranchers and the judgment of the staff team.


Our Ranchers come from all walks of life and from all parts of the country. We do not use our Ranchers' real names in public venues, and only post their pictures with permission.

The families that place their loved ones at Triangle Cross Ranch are special people. They sacrifice in order to pay the cost of care for their Ranchers and they understand the need to take personal responsibility for this care. We are honored to be associated with them.

This is the place to read their anecdotes and testimonies. You will recognize your own struggles as you read about theirs, and be inspired and encouraged as you view life through the eyes of the families of individuals with disabilities.

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